Watcher 19.07.1


Вышел Flussonic Watcher 19.07.1

Flussonic Media Server

Этот выпуск содержит улучшения и исправления ошибок и полностью посвящен Flussonic Watcher.

В выпуске: улучшенный алгоритм отсылки нотификаций о событиях движения, доступ к DVR по клику Play на камере в списке камер, фильтрация камер по статусу Online, обновление документации на `autologin_token`, восстановление последнего бэкапа по умолчанию, правильный User Agent в access log.

Что нового

Flussonic Watcher

* #8485 (improved) [Watcher] To increase the reliability of motion detection notifications, Watcher evokes the motion event more than once for the same event ID. This ensures that users will receive the notification even if they subscribed for notifications right after motion was detected.
* #8581 (improved) [Watcher] The backup tool (`/opt/flussonic/contrib/watcher backup`) now stores backup files in `/var/lib/flussonic/watcher-backups`. The last created backup is restored if no date was specified.
* #8608 (improved) [Watcher] The documentation about the usage of `autologin_token` was updated


Flussonic Watcher

* #5402 (fixed) [Watcher] Mosaic view in Safari was fixed.
* #7259 (fixed) [Watcher] Access Log now shows correct User Agent of users who logged in from the mobile app.
* #7670 (fixed) [Watcher] The rare issue with Agent losing connection with Watcher was resolved.
* #7848 (fixed) [Watcher] The issue with cameras not sending video was resolved.
* #7895 (fixed) [Watcher] The display of options under More in the list of Agents was fixed.
* #7987 (fixed) [Watcher] The issue with playback of video embedded on the page `vsaas/embed` was fixed.
* #8215 (fixed) [Watcher] In Profile, autocomplete on login and password is disabled now.
* #8540 (fixed) [Watcher] DVR settings for cameras were not saved correctly in a certain situation.
* #8637 (fixed) [Watcher] The check box for filtering cameras by Online status is present again in the List view.
* #8640 (fixed) [Watcher] Watcher might fail to start after updating to 19.06.1.
* #8659 (fixed) [Watcher] Changes in the UI branding settings sometimes were not applied on the login page.
* #8692 (fixed) [Watcher] Small fixes in UI texts.
* #8741 (fixed) [Watcher] Now you can view archived video from a camera by clicking the Play button on the camera in Cameras.
* #8772 (fixed) [Watcher] The issue of version 19.06 with `flussonic-watcher` failing to update was fixed.
* #8815 (fixed) [Watcher] On low-resolution screens the DVR player now fits the screen.

Watcher Mobile App

* #8790 (fixed) [Mobile Watcher] The app on iPad Pro 3 stopped responding when the user changed screen resolution.

Больше не поддерживается

* #8798 (deprecated) [Watcher] API v1 is no longer supported.