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Flussonic Media Server

Что нового

Flussonic Media Server

  • #8399 (new) [Flussonic] Поддержка Erlang 22.0.
  • #9257 (new) [Flussonic] Пользовательский интерфейс умеет отображать справку, содержащую выдержки из документации.
  • #9396 (new) [Flussonic] Транскодер: пользовательский интерфейс позволяет управлять логотипами, которые добавляются при транскодировании: в настройках транскодера щелкните Select рядом с полями Logo или Alogo, и вы сможете управлять картинками, а также выбрать ту, которая появится в потоке после транскодирования.
  • #10036 (new) [Flussonic] Пользовательский интерфейс теперь позволяет выбирать протоколы для выходного потока с помощью трехпозиционного переключателя. В конфигурационном файле протоколы можно указать с помощью новой опции ‘protocols’, которая позволяет указать все протоколы одной строкой. Прежний формат тоже поддерживается.
  • #10058 (new) [Flussonic] Добавлена поддержка системы мульти-DRM Irdeto DRM. Подробнее
  • #10088 (new) [Flussonic] Новый вызов API для фильтрации сессий по идентификатору пользователя: /flussonic/api/sessions?user_id=USER_ID
  • #9399 (improved) [Flussonic] Теперь ‘/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/scaling_governor’ автоматически устанавливается в ‘performance’ при установке Flussonic для предотвращения чрезмерного потребления времени процессора.
  • #7803 (improved) [Flussonic UI] Внешний вид элементов пользовательского интерфейса был переработан, чтобы различать вкладки и опции.
  • #7903 (improved) [Flussonic UI] Настраивать Ad Injector теперь можно в пользовательском интерфейсе.
  • #9754 (improved) [Flussonic] Вы можете включить для DASH манифеста режим совместимости с профилем DVB. Проверка манифеста валидатором больше не завершится ошибкой ‘DVB check violated…’. Подробнее

Что исправлено

Flussonic Media Server

  • #3081 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] The statistics in Media now shows how many streams have DVR and how many are transcoded.
  • #4534 (fixed) [Flussonic] Disabled streams have now the ‘off’ status in the stream list on the left.
  • #4925 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] For disabled streams, no player is displayed now.
  • #5691 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] If the Flussonic configuration had the specific address to bind the UI to, then the Output section of stream settings offered incorrect links to the stream.
  • #6519 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] Active streams with thumbnail capturing errors are now displayed as ‘online’.
  • #7204 (fixed) [Player] The issue with smaller size of video after changing screen orientation several times was resolved.
  • #7622 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] The Kill button on the Clients tab is now displayed correctly for streams with a long token or User Agent.
  • #7751 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] Some UI elements, such as the ‘clients’ column in the list of streams, the links ‘published’ and ’no source’, and others are aligned more accurately now.
  • #7925 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] The link ‘Back to list’ was moved to the stream settings area.
  • #8008 (fixed) [Flussonic] MPEG-TS: Output streams could freeze or show artifacts because of CC errors.
  • #8199 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] The ‘drm_id’ field was removed from Widevine DRM settings.
  • #8380 (fixed) [Flussonic] Any currently opened section of stream settings is now highlighted in a different color.
  • #8467 (fixed) [Flussonic] When a smartphone that published a video stream to Flussonic was switched to airplane mode, Flussonic did not immediately mark the stream as unavailable.
  • #8510 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] The default ports are omitted in links to a stream in Media > stream name > Output. Only if you specify another port for a protocol in the configuration (for example, ‘http 8081’), will this port appear in the link (http://domain:8081/stream/mpegts).
  • #9456 (fixed) [Flussonic] Improved live stream transcoding when switching between stream sources.
  • #9567 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] The list of domains in Allowed Domains is now displayed correctly in case of a large number of domains.
  • #9722 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] It was in some cases impossible to select a DRM after the ‘disabled’ value was selected.
  • #9728 (fixed) [Flussonic] MPEG-TS: PMT ‘reserved’ fields are filled with ‘1’ instead of ‘0’ for compatibility with some set-top boxes.
  • #9774 (fixed) [Flussonic] The Origin servers section now shows information about streams.
  • #9777 (fixed) [Flussonic] A mention of SQLite was removed from the UI.
  • #9784 (fixed) [Flussonic] The quality of video from Beward DSN06PS, decreased in v19.09, was improved.
  • #9853 (fixed) [Flussonic] A single case with increased CPU consumption in v19.09 was resolved.
  • #9877 (fixed) [Flussonic] The speed of MPEG-TS decoding significantly increased.
  • #9921 (fixed) [Flussonic] The DRM EzDRM FairPlay now works.
  • #9924 (fixed) [Flussonic] If DRM was used for an HLS stream, WebVTT subtitles were not passed.
  • #9933 (fixed) [Flussonic] VOD: When navigating to subfolders in a VOD location, a generated link to a file could become incorrect.
  • #9978 (fixed) [Flussonic] The issue with disappearing subtitles in DASH streams was resolved.
  • #10019 (fixed) [Flussonic] Rewinding and fast forwarding when playing DVR via HDS now works.
  • #10086 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] The value ‘50 fps’ was added to the ‘Frames per second’ box in advanced options for video on the transcoder settings page.
  • #10092 (fixed) [Flussonic] Installation of Flussonic RPM packages no longer fails with the message ‘package flussonic…all is intended for a different architecture’.
  • #10123 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] The CPIX DRM appears in the UI now.
  • #10124 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] The pop-up player in the Media section shows the correct port in the played stream’s URL now.
  • #10179 (fixed) [Flussonic] Flussonic no longer writes an excessive number of ‘Subscription create error’ and ‘Subscription renew error’ messages to the log.