Flussonic Watcher 23.09


Flussonic Watcher

В нашей последней версии 23.09 мы рады представить изменения в Flussonic Watcher!

Мы улучшили интеграцию видеоаналитики через схему Central API, добавили возможность развёртывания Watcher в Kubernetes и поддержку API v3 для расширенной авторизации пользователей. Кроме того, улучшен мобильный веб-интерфейс, оптимизирована настройка серверной части аутентификации, включая протоколы RTMP, RTMPS, RTSP и RTSPS, исправлены ошибки, возникающие в превью, и дублирование событий.

Watcher 23.09

  • #29786 (new) Update the Central API schema to support Watcher video analytics module.
  • #30641 (new) Watcher can be deployed in Kubernetes using the examples on our GitHub.
  • #31179 (new) Added API v3 support when authorizing users in the Watcher UI.
  • #32013 (new) Watcher receives the video analytics events from Central.
  • #32215 (new) (UI) Added a client profile page to the Watcher UI.
  • #32253 (new) (UI) Added Config tab to manage auth backends in the Central UI.
  • #32353 (new) (UI) Added Cluster Key field to the Input > Options tab in the stream settings.
  • #32429 (new) (UI) Added push notification settings to the Watcher UI.
  • #32383 (improved) Fixed the issue with the incorrect Watcher update.
  • #32388 (fixed) Fixed the issue with the Watcher UI displaying the 500 Application error on the Health page when one of the streamers goes offline.
  • #32410 (fixed) Fixed the issue with Watcher failing to update.
  • #32478 (fixed) Fixed the issue with Watcher failing to play streams because of the invalid token.
  • #31683 (fixed) (UI) Fixed the issue with incorrect display of the chart on the Overview tab in the stream profile after the page is updated manually.
  • #31967 (fixed) (UI) Fixed the issue with Watcher UI randomly switching languages.
  • #32165 (improved) (UI) Updated the design of events in the Watcher UI.
  • #32390 (improved) (UI) Added pagination for Agents list in Central to provide better navigation experience.
  • #32607 (improved) (UI) Added RTMP, RTMPS, RTSP, and RTSPS fields to the Listeners section.
  • #32817 (fixed) (UI) Fixed the issue with Central UI not displaying preview images of the DVR episodes on the Events tab.
  • #32565 (improved) Test streams with video analytics are now available at VSAAS.IO.
  • #32702 (improved) Fixed the previews and removed duplicating events. Central update to the current version is required.

Watcher documentation 23.09

  • #29468 (improved) Removed the outdated page about the ONVIF-compatible cameras search.
  • #30388 (improved) Added Kazakhstan and Bulgaria to the list of countries for which license plate recognition is available.
  • #32148 (improved) Explained new logics of the DVR Path parameter in streamer settings.
  • #32766 (improved) Fixed the step of Watcher installation process for streamers where the instructions on configuring HTTPS are given. The use of Let’s Encrypt certificates is now recommended.